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How Much Thicker Can Hair Grow With Alma TED™?

By: Meet Our Team


For many men and women, age-related hair loss can be devastating. This is especially true for individuals who consider hair part of their overall identity. At ZenSations Medical Spa Services, we offer our patients throughout Bonita Springs, FL cutting-edge hair restoration technology to help them attain fuller, thicker hair after male or female pattern hair thinning or baldness. To achieve desirable outcomes, Gina Lacagnina utilizes TED hair restoration by Alma.

What is androgenetic alopecia?

Androgenetic alopecia refers to male or female pattern baldness or hair loss that is often linked to a genetic cause. Hair thinning generally starts during the adult years after puberty, resulting in receding hairlines and, eventually, inconvenient bald spots. While some hair follicles experience irreversible changes and can no longer grow back hair in the late stages of hair loss, some hair follicles just fall dormant and can be regenerated with the right treatment approach. At ZenSations Medical Spa Services, Gina can help patients identify what stage each hair follicle is in and if their scalp will respond to hair restoration treatment.

Alma TED Hair Restoration

TED by Alma is a cutting-edge, nonsurgical hair restoration technique that utilizes a combination of ultrasound acoustic waves and air pressure to stimulate hair growth. TED is used in conjunction with the TED+ Hair Care Formula, a hair restoration medication applied directly to each treatment site. The TED applicators send virtually painless acoustic waves through the scalp to create gaseous bubbles under the skin to expand the tissue and allow hair restorative medications to absorb. The air pressure helps push the medication deeper into the tissue for effective hair growth stimulation.

Benefits of using Alma TED for hair loss

Alma TED hair restoration provides men and women with numerous benefits, including:

  • Fuller, thicker hair
  • A noninvasive treatment approach
  • A simple treatment with no required downtime
  • Little risk for infection or adverse reactions

How the treatment process works

Patients come to ZenSations Medical Spa Services to participate in the Alma TED hair restoration treatment. The TED+ Hair Care Formula is carefully applied to the scalp; then, the Alma TED applicator is gently glided over each treatment site. Aside from assisting in absorption, the acoustic waves from the applicators increase blood flow around the hair follicles to stimulate healthy hair growth. Most patients report feeling no pain or discomfort during treatment. Once your session is complete, you may leave our clinic and resume normal daily activities.

How many hair restoration treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed for your specific hair restoration plan will depend on your personal goals and Gina’s professional recommendations. Typically, we recommend at least three hair restoration sessions for patients to experience optimal results.

How much thicker can hair grow with Alma TED?

Results will vary depending on the nature of your hair and the number of treatments you receive. Alma TED treatments help reduce shedding, stimulate new growth, and thicken the shafts of existing hair. Patients with naturally thin shafts may continue to have thinner hair but experience an increase in volume due to new hair growth.

Learn more about hair restoration with TED hair restoration in Bonita Springs, FL

If you reside in or near Bonita Springs, FL, have androgenetic alopecia, or wish to learn more about what Alma TED can do for thinning hair, contact us at ZenSations Medical Spa Services and schedule a consultation today. Gina Lacagnina will work with you to determine if Alma TED hair restoration is the right treatment approach for you.

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